5 ways to show dominance in public

  1. Touch your submissive often – in APPROPRIATE ways! A simple hand on the back, brushing the hair off the face, or holding hands shows love, companionship, and caring.
  2. Manners Matter! Using appropriate words such as please and thank you and looking out for your submissive shows respect as well as protective tendencies.
  3. Order for your submissive when at a restaurant or bar. You can always look at your sub with a questioning raised eyebrow to ensure that what you have ordered correctly. This can show that you know your sub so well, you know what he/she will like. The question shows that he/she also has the right to contradict you.
  4. Compliment your submissive. This shows appreciation for his/her tastes, opinions, and choices.
  5. Never, ever disrespect your submissive in public. Public humiliation or gossip is never appropriate for someone whom you respect and love. HOWEVER, if your sub is into humiliation, do so in a place where everyone knows the score and won’t think you’re just an asshole.

5 thoughts on “5 ways to show dominance in public

  1. A great list of behaviors many Doms fail to do!
    As I thought about these traits you listed I realized that I had seen most of not all these behaviors in many(butt not all,) of the D/s stories I have read but I had never really attributed them to dominance until I saw your list.Thank you!

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