Shopping with my Dominant

So last year, Sir too me on a Submissive Shopping trip during which we had so much fun that He wanted to repeat the experience. This time, Sir prepared me by making love to me slowly and perfectly. The one rule – I couldn’t touch him without his permission, which he did NOT give. I messed up once and placed a hand on his chest, but aside from that, I was able to obey. By the time he finished, I was weak from my 4 orgasms and filled with his cream. Due to that one slip up, I also had a red and stinging bottom.

Then Sir handed me my lingerie. The jeweled bra and panties were cold, tight and chafing. I loved them. I latched the corset together in the front and Sir tightened the laces in the back.

Before putting on a dress over this, I fixed my hair and make-up. Sir then checked my ass, added a few more swats to keep it nicely red, and tightened the laces once more.

Finally, he handed me a loose, flowing sundress and high, strappy sandals to finish my ensemble. I was actually surprised that he didn’t insert anything into any of my orifices.

Then I felt the drip of his cream down my thigh. I looked down at it and started to wipe it off. Sir stopped me.

“You will not dare to wipe away anything that I give you. You are also on voice restriction. You may speak to a store associate only to answer a question. Be as brief as possible, but always end with Please or Thank you.”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Good answer. That and ‘No, Sir’ are your other available phrases. Any other words and you will be punished. Just so you are aware of what is at stake, I will use the flogger on your back, ass, thighs and breasts. Watch your expenses. You must spend over $200, but not go above $225. We will go to one store and whatever is in your cart after one hour you must purchase. Anything over or under the stated amounts will result in a lovely puss flogging. Ready for shopping?”

I grinned and said, “Yes, Sir!”

“On, and no squirming or drawing attention to your lovely lingerie.”

An hour and a half later, I was standing, spread eagle, and bound to our St. Andrew’s Cross. My nipples were hard as bullets, having rubbed against rhinestones for the last 2 hours, and my labia swollen for the same reason. My thighs were coated in a stiff white covering, and Sir held a flogger in his hand, a devilish look on his face.

I screamed with the first flick of the flogger against my unprotected puss. I had, you see, forgotten about sales tax. My bill came to $250 – $25 dollars over. I screamed again. By the fifth stroke, tears fell from my face. By the 15th, I was begging for mercy which I actually did not want or expect. By the 25th, I had come twice and was a boneless mass of sensitivity.

Sir unbound and carried me to our bed. He cooed and comforted me. When I was somewhat calmer, he licked and kissed my “boo-boo” until I was again begging for mercy. He accommodated this time by plunging his cock deep within my ungodly tender puss. I exploded. Ignoring this, he again took his time, gently making love to me, ignoring my pleas for his own release.

I’m not sure how well I will be walking tomorrow, but I know I will have a smug smile glued to my face.

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