In or On – Day 6

In and On – Day 5 “So today will be a different orifice, my love,” Milord decided after he had well and properly fucked my ass and deposited his sacred cum inside of me. “I’m going to buckle this loosely so I can easily take it out when I want your mouth on me or when it’s time to eat, but aside from that, you will have a small cock in your mouth at all times.”

“Yes, Milord,” I answered, still in a delicious submind fog.

Toy Review: Penis Ball Gag - Love, Violet

As the hours pass by, however, I realized just how difficult it was NOT to speak and to keep that damned tiny silicone dick in my mouth! I could only drink or speak or eat when Milord allowed it. It was so, so tempting to just reach up and remove it or to simply spit it out, but I didn’t. Well, except for that one time.

Milord saw me getting more and more frustrated until I finally just pushed the thing out of my mouth with my tongue and asked him if I might have a drink. He allowed it, but then punished me for not obeying his command to keep it in my mouth.

He stripped me, had me bend over the table, and inserted a finger of ginger into my ass. I tried not to cry because then my nose would get all stuffy and then I wouldn’t be able to breathe easily – although, there was plenty of room to breathe around the tiny cock. Instead, I balled my hands up into fists and wiggled on the balls of my feet.

“Twenty minutes. It stays there twenty minutes. If you let it pop out, my love, the time will start over with a new, fresh, fig.”

And so I squeezed, which meant the burn was even more intense. Nonetheless, I made it the whole 20 minutes.

“Thank me.”

I dropped to my knees and looked up. Milord pulled the gag from my mouth and I replaced the tiny, annoying thing with him. He came quickly, so I knew he had been as excited by the procedure as I was.

Before dinner, he called me to the dining room again and had me bend over the table. There, he lubed up my anus and took me. I bit down on my gag as pleasure overwhelmed my body. He took his time, fucking me slowly, allowing me to feel every inch of him. He flipped me over, putting my legs on his shoulders and re-entering my anus. He pinched my nipples hard as he gently fucked me. I came over and over and over. Eventually, he, too, found his pleasure, filling my body with his essence.

He pulled the plug from my mouth and said, “There. Now you can have my come inside of you while we eat. Before bed, I’ll take you again so that you’ll be filled all night long. Tomorrow is our last day, so prepare yourself.”

I smiled at him, satiated and eager, and said, “As you wish, Milord.

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