I’ve never wanted to be leashed. It’s on my Soft No list – something I MIGHT try, but with no guarantee I’ll want to continue with it.

Nonetheless, Ard Ri’ requested that we try one evening – at home with just the two of us – a naked/leashing experiment. I trust him implicitly, so I agreed, knowing that the moment I said my safeword the collar and leash would come off. Still, a collar and leash can’t harm me, so I also agreed to NOT say my safeword (as applies to the leash) for at least 30 minutes.

Along with the collar and leash, Ri’ also added my wrist cuffs – something which never fails to put me into a very submissive frame of mind. Just to make sure I was in the right mindset, Ri’ also lubed up my ass and inserted my very favorite anal plug – large enough to never forget it’s there, but small and flexible enough to be comfortable for long wear.

Sure enough, the moment I was plugged and cuffed, I went down on my knees (without waiting for him to command it) and unzipped his trousers. I began to lick and worship his cock and balls while he buckled the collar around my neck. I heard and felt the click of the leash but didn’t care. I had his cock in my mouth and his balls in my hand. What else could POSSIBLY matter! I raised my eyes to his and he smiled at me, then said, “That’s my good girl.”

I moaned with pleasure and my labia was drenched. He knew this because he smiled wider and tipped his head back. He began fucking my mouth and within moments he was shooting his own pleasure down my throat. I kept my mouth on his cock until I was positive he had finished and I had sucked him clean of ever precious drop.

He pulled away and helped me to my feet. Leading me by the leash (which I was shocked I did NOT hate!) he took me into the kitchen where he bent me over the counter. There, he fingered my dripping puss with one hand and spanked my cheeks with other until I was clawing at the polished granite and soaking his hand with my cum.

He led me then into the living room where I (my choice) sat on the floor between his legs. I had asked permission to remove his clothing, so I happily lay my cheek against his inner thigh and massaged his legs while he watched a movie. Before long, he was getting hard again.

“Go ahead. You can suck on him again or pet him, just don’t make me come. I have plans for round two. You’ve been leashed for over an hour now, by the way. How do you feel?”

I blinked. “I can’t believe it’s been that long, my Ri’. I thought I would feel humiliated, and not in a good way. Instead, I feel. I’m not sure how to describe it. Safe? Safe in a different way than I normally do with you. If that makes sense.”

“It make perfect sense.” He turned off the television and stood up. “If your knees are up to it, I’d very much like to see you stay on them as we make our way to the Play Room.”


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