Hotel Challenge – 2

It all started with Hotel Challenge. That first night, Mister decided that we would have room service brought to our room for both us and the other couple whose names I still didn’t know. After ordering, He had me climb up on the bed, ass up, head down, and proceeded to fuck my brains out for the third time that day. Sore as I was, I was thrilled. We’d been going through a bit of a dry spell, and I hoped this would end that. Then, I heard a knock on the door. I gasped and looked back at Mister.

“Don’t even think of breaking position,” he warned.

Biting my lip, I hid my head in the mattress as he welcomed the other couple. Mister offered them a drink saying that he needed to finish something. If, though, the waiter brought up our dinner, they should certainly open the door. I thought I’d die on the spot.

Mister again returned to fucking me. I have to admit, that knowing the other people were watching turned me on even more. I heard another knock, this time on the hallway door, just as Mister began emptying himself inside of me.

“Yes, yes. Come in. Feel free to set up in the sitting area. No, it’s no problem at all if you watch. In fact, Martin would insist upon it,” I heard the other man say to the waiter.

That set me off again and I screamed my joy. Mister finished up and pulled out of me, leaving me in the same position, but with my legs splayed, my labia red and swollen, and his cum leaking out of me.

“Thank you much,” said a solicitous waiter then the quiet closing of the door.

“She looks a bit of a mess to be sitting on these upholstered chairs,” the man noted. “Why don’t I have Toy clean her up, Martin.”


“Great idea,” Mister agreed.

A small, delicate tongue inserted itself into my hole. I yelped, but stayed in place. Soon, Toy’s mouth covered my opening and she was lapping and sucking me dry. I couldn’t help myself. I was so primed I came again, my own honey coursing out of me.

“Well done, Toy. Now, ladies, let’s enjoy this dinner before it gets cold.”

Mister helped me to stand on unsteady legs and seated me. I was both pleased and surprised to see that Toy was also completely nude and silent. She caught my eye and winked at me, giving me a devilish grin before licking her red lips.


“Linda, I can see you obviously enjoyed yourself,” Mister said to me. “After dinner, you can return the favor by making sure Toy is ready for her owner’s cock, possibly my own again.”

Still under a vow of silence, I could only answer by grinning and hoping we didn’t take too long eating – the food that is.

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