Last night was a challenge – one I accepted and passed. Milord knows I dislike being “displayed”. He also knows that pushing my boundaries (NOT my hard limits) excites us both.

The challenge:  Keep my legs spread while Milord does as he pleases with my exposed area. During his exploration, Milord will also share the experience via live feed with a few select people. I will not know who the audience is, and I will not be allowed to complain or stop anything he does short of using my safe word.

Sure enough, within a few minutes of beginning, Milord slapped my exposed puss and I instinctively closed my legs. He loomed over me, smiled, then turned to the camera.

“I was prepared for this behavior. A dominant anticipates his submissive’s nSoft Padded Leather Bondage Ankle cuffs with Bamboo Spreader bar for restraints BDSM FemDom DDLG - by Liebe Seeleeeds and prepares for them.”

He bound my knees to a spreader bar and tied my hands to the head board. I was helpless to cover myself.

I could hear the audience praising Milord and offering suggestions. I wanted to crawl into a hole and never come out. At the same time, my puss was positively dripping.

Over the course of the next few hours, Yes, hours, Milord used three dildos to fuck both my puss and anus. He spanked my pussy until I screamed. He lifted my spread legs and spanked my ass until I sobbed. He rubbed an ice cube on my clit. He spread wasabi on my clit. He did, bless him, also allow me rest and recover between each adventure.

Twice, he sipped a cocktail while petting my exposed and observed private parts and chatting with the audience, allowing me a bit of rest. By the time he signed off, I was a mess, desperate for his cock.

He slowly undressed.

“You may not have enjoyed the last two hours, but they have certainly excited you.”

I couldn’t deny his words.

“The audience enjoyed the demonstration as well.”

I blushed.

“Time for your reward. I’m going to help you spin over so you can get on your knees.”

I was still sobbing, begging for him to fuck me. He gently pushed my shoulders down until my face was on the mattress.

“Tell me what you want.”

You. I want you.

“You must me more specific. How and where do you want this fucking?”

I don’t care. Please. Just use me. I need you inside of me.

“I asked for a decision,” he said, his voice almost as hard as his hand as it came down on my well tanned ass. “You failed to make one. You will gratefully accept what I decided, now, and you will complain of nothing.”

He continued to spank with one hand as he positioned himself. With one almighty thrust, he was balls deep inside of my cunt. I screamed, pleasure overpowering any pain, as the orgasm coursed through every cell. He continued, letting me ride through the pleasure while he continued thrusting deeply inside of me.

He pulled out and again I screamed. “NO!!!”

“Didn’t I say no complaining?”

His well lubed cock pressed against my tight ring. y heart began to thump out of my chest. No. Please. I opened my mouth, but shut it quickly.

“Very good.”

Of course he had seen. At least I didn’t actually say anything!

Slowly, carefully, with exquisite care, he relentlessly press inside of my most submissive part. Barely was his tip in before the first wave crashed over me. By the time he was fully encased inside my anus I’d lost count of my times of pleasure. Tears streamed down my face. I would have done anything, anything, he would ask of me them. My hard limits faded to mist.


I melted into the mattress, pierced by his manhood. Lifted by his power. Transformed by his love.  

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