Isolation Challenge – Accepted

Isolation Challenge – Monday’s Delivery

Jean stood in front of her bed looking down at the only clothing she would have for five days. But, she couldn’t wear them. Not yet. she had to somehow reduce five pounds from the jeans and sweater before she could put them on. Sure, she could just start hacking, but Jean wanted the end result to be aesthetically pleasing, artful even.

With her bottom still quite tender, she grabbed a pillow before sitting down in front of her drawing board and began to sketch.  It took until Tuesday afternoon before she’d come up with something she liked and hoped Monroe would love.

When Monroe came home from the office she asked if he wanted to see the plans, but he declined, saying he’d rather be surprised. Then, he took her over his lap. True to his word, he again began an OTK spanking. When she began to kick and squirm, he increased his power. Finally, she began to cry. Only then did he dip two fingers into her drenched tunnel. Stars began to form behind her eyes, but Monroe pulled out and delivered ten more blows.

Again, he delved inside of her, controlling her body and mind with two fingers. One finger, though, was now pushing inside her anus with relentless albeit gentle determination. Back and forth. Back and forth until Jean was begging for release. This time, he held his fingers in place while he used his other hand to deliver fifteen more blows to her red bottom. Only then did he yank is fingers free.

Jean cried out and rather than waiting for him to soothe her stinging bottom and comfort her, she slid to the floor and begged, “Monroe, please. I don’t think I can take a full week of edging. Please. Just one orgasm.” She placed her hand over his hard cock which was straining against his trousers.

“You know that’s not possible,” he said sadly. “You agreed to this. If you’d like, though, you may suck my cock until I come down your throat.”

Jean loved few things more than on the rare occasion that Monroe allowed her to drink his cum. Not wasting time, she nodded and released him. She dipped her head, taking the whole of him into her mouth before slowly sliding back up, her tongue pressed firmly against the back side of his cock, her lips tight around the girth.

Monroe stood, his cock still deep down her throat, and grabbed a handful of her hair close to the scalp. Keeping her mouth in place, she raised her eyes to him.

“Jean. You enjoy sucking my cock too much. I’m afraid you might actually come yourself.” (It was a distinDM_djyoW0AAh036ct possibility.) He began to thrust his hips back and forth, holding her head still. “So, to save you from yourself, I’m going to fuck your mouth. You. Do. Not. Move.”

Jean felt her eyes widen. While she loved worshiping Monroe’s cock, she wasn’t fond of being used simply as a vessel. Still. He was right. She HAD been close to orgasm. Within minutes, Monroe had emptied the full contents of his balls into Jean’s open and welcoming throat

. He sat back down, heavily, on the couch, his trousers puddling around his ankles and his head thrown back. 

Quietly, Jean inched forward and darted out her tongue to lick one glistening drop of cum from his crown. He moaned, and placed a hand on her shoulder, massaging. Smiling, she continued downward until she had sucked each of his balls into her mouth, making sure he was now completely clean.

After several min

utes of resting, Jean stood up, kissed Monroe and said, “So, ready for dinner?”

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