Isolation Challenge – Monday’s Delivery

Jean was bored. Tired of confinement and self isolation. Sure, Monroe, her dominant was more or less in isolation with her, but HE went to the office three days a week and insisted that either he got to the store or that she had items delivered.

“I will not take any chances with you. Especially since you are high risk,” he intoned whenever she complained.

On Monday, though, he’d had enough of her complaints. He took her over his lap and delivered a much needed and much desired OTK spanking. Five minutes into the punishment, he began to speak, punctuating every few words with a firm blow.

“I believe you need something to occupy your mind and talents, Jean. Each week, I will  assign you a challenge. You will have until Friday at 2:00 p.m. to complete the challenge. If you fail, this reprimand will be child’s play.”

Jean sobbed, her ass on fire, and begged for his mercy (which she truly did not want. If she had, she would have said “Red”.) She looked down into the puddle of her own tears and relaxed into the power of his hand. Now, not only did Monroe add emphasis to his lecture with blows to her bottom, but occasionally he slipped his finger into her soaked and slick slit.

She began to moan and lift her hips, unknowing if this would earn her another blow or the chance of an orgasm.

“You will find, ” he continued, “that your closets have all been locked.”

Jean squealed, finding it difficult to focus on his words and his hand rained down both punishment and pleasure. Monroe insisted that every reprimand be delivered while she was nude. Now, he’d just told her that her clothing was denied to her.

“I have left you a gift on your bed, Jean. One outfit. One. Currently, it weighs 7 pounds. You will drop that weight to 2 pounds. ”

Jean’s mind was spinning. What kind of a challenge was this?? Monroe again plunged his fingers deep inside of her, manipulating her until she clawed at the carpet beneath her hands. She closed her eyes, feeling the fountain rise within her.

He slowly removed his fingers and delivered a sharp, firm blow to her tender sit spot.

“To keep you focused, I will edge you in a similar fashion each day.”

“Dear gods above,” she murmured through the frustration of having an orgasm denied and a spanking continued.

“You will hand me your creation at precisely 2:00 p.m. Friday. Complete the challenge and you will be allowed all the orgasms you can muster for the rest of the weekend. Fail, and I will use only your mouth or ass all weekend and deny you even one orgasm.”

Jean felt a fresh gush of honey as she fully comprehended the nature of Monroe’s challenge.

“If we are both happy with the week’s challenge – fail or succeed – a new challenge will be give on Monday.”



Monroe was now rubbing her very tender bottom. When her sobs quieted, he turned her over and held her close.

“What do you think?” he whispered into her ear, his arms tight around her, and his lips on her cheek.

She thought carefully. If she didn’t like the idea, he would respect that. However, the frustration of an orgasm denied and the fiery sting on her bottom combined to warm her heart and spark her mind.

“Let’s try it.”




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