Accepting a Reprimand- Day 1


I am not happy with this situation. I am, however, deserving of this situation and, in fact, asked Milord to please correct my behavior however he chose. I was mouthy – like WAAAYYYY mouth. I broke our New Year Rules 2020 and our House Rules.

What I did doesn’t really matter – just suffice it to say that I was rude, disrespectful, disobedient, and petulant. Now, Milord has decided that I have become too comfortable with my role as his submissive. Therefore, I will be somewhat uncomfortable often.

This morning my reprimand began. Keeping me on my tummy with several pillows beneath my hips, Milord placed a vibrator on my clit and left it there. Next, he filled my ass with cold – COLD – lube. Obviously, he used my ass for his pleasure while I orgasmed myself into exhaustion. He, however, took his time, alternating between fucking me and spanking me all while keeping the vibrator on high! Eventually, he came, filling my bottom with his approval.

He would not allow me to shower, but instead had me put on a cupless bra and waist cincher which he tightened.tumblr_neglhmrRG61tjwwgeo1_1280

He also added nipple clips and had me hold the chain in my mouth while he again tightened the cincher. While I stood, I felt his warm cream slowly trail down my legs and watched as he dressed for the day. Twenty minutes later, he unclipped my nips and smiled as I yelp when the blood rushed back to my very prominent buds. Then, another tightening of my laces.

He smiled and handed me a dark brown summer dress. I blushed, knowing my nipples would easily be visible beneath the thin material.

Nonetheless, I slipped it on and stepped into sandals. Wearing this, I performed my daily routine of chores. The cincher so tight that I couldn’t bend easily. Milord watched, smiling every now and then. Twice he asked if I was comfortable.

“No, Milord.”

“Good.” After each of these, I knelt in front of him and sucked his cock, showing my acceptance of my position.

After dinner, he finally released me from the tight clothing.

“Three days we will follow this routine. I think, though, I’ll be adding more time for that vibrator. I believe more tears would be beneficial.”

“Yes, Milord.” I bit my lip and accepted his decision.


“Cold showers only.” I cringed. “Your ass will also be checked  often to make sure it remains at the very least, rosy in color. Now, bend over, woman. Let’s get this vibrator in place so I can take your ass again. Because that will be the only hole I will use for at least three days.”

I took a deep breath, smiled up at him, and said, “Yes, milord.”




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