Missing Mask Mistake – 14 days later

I have been quarantined strictly for the last 14 days because I did not wear a mask while grocery shopping. The only covering on my body has been my collar and leash. Sure, I could have unbuckled it while Sir was away since my hands are not bound and there are no cameras in the house, but I totally earned this punishment, and so I accepted it. Hopefully Sir thinks that I accepted it with good grace because today is the day for my other punishment – the physical one.

“On the couch. Lie on your back.”

I, of course, obeyed. Sir lifted my legs, exposing every delicate bit of me and then the scolding began punctuated by whips to my exposed puss, anus, and bottom.

“You took an unnecessary risk and put yourself and others in danger. I will not allow such disregard in times like this. Do you understand?”

I was sobbing. Sir was not whipping with full strength, but he was certainly firm on my most delicate parts.

“I do.”

“Good,” he continued. “You have spent 14 days in this house. I’m still not sure I can trust you.”

The whipping continued and tears soaked the couch beneath me.

“What you did was very serious. So, for the next 14 days I will be spanking some part of your body every day for 14 minuDP4hXBbXUAUliwntes. Understood?”

“Yes, sir,” I sobbed.

“You my have your clothing again, but you will get my permission before you leave the house.”

How the hell could something hurt so

 much and yet bring such excitement?????

Finally, the whipping ended and all I wanted to do was close my legs and cradle my bits. Sir though, wasn’t finished. He positioned himself between my legs and plunged his cock into my steaming wetness. I screamed. My labia was swollen and yet all I wanted was inside of me. I felt the bubbles of pleasure rising and then he said

“You. Will. Not. Come.”

I clawed at the couch and bit my lip as he continued to pound into me. If I hadn’t been on the edge before, I was now. Luckily, he came quickly, emptying himself inside of me. He stood, his cock glistening.


I scampered off the couch to kneel in front of him and cleaned his cock with my mouth. My god. The flavour of use mingled together in a symphony of sweet and savoury.  He pushed gently back on my shoulders and I sat on my heels, looking up at him.

“Good. This will also happen every day. Sometimes I will let you come, sometimes I won’t. Let that remind you that you never know what to expect.”

“Yes, sir.

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