Wear it proudly

I looked down and blushed furiously. The whole Yacht Club would know about my piercings! We’d just joined this club and no one really knew us. It was, thank the gods, an adults only club, at least! If it hadn’t been, Drake wouldn’t have joined I suppose.

“Now, go put on your bikini.”

I did, only because I’d agreed to be the perfect submissive for the next three days. Of course, I could have backed out, but this was a challenge to our new lifestyle and I wasn’t about to quit so early in the game.

The white bikini which Drake had given me did NOTHING to hide the piercings and nipple guards.

“Why, Drake?” I asked quietly.

“Because I want everyone here to know you belong to me and that you are the sexiest woman in the world.”

“How will piercings prove I’m yours?”

“Oh, they won’t, but this collar will.”

He lifted my hair and latched the collar around my neck. For some reason, this made me feel better. I smiled up at him, touched the collar, and said, “It’s perfect.”

“Good. Now,” he kissed me then spun me around with a quick slap on the ass sure to leave a handprint, “wear your gifts proudly and let’s go meet the other boaters.”


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