Yes or No

Today we are trying something new. A game we’ll call it. He asks questions and my only response can be “Yes” or “No”. I can ask questions as well, but his 

responses are equally limited. Of course, if I give any other response, I will be spanked five times. If he does, no spanking, but he will eliminate one spanking from my next mistake. I know this may not seem fair to some people, but I was 100% IN!!!

Of course, we decided to play the game last night, so by this morning, I had totally forgotten. HE had not. “Tea?” he asked. “Please.” I answered.

And over the table I went. He was NOT gentle. He was wonderful.

“Would you like to thank me?”

My mouth was dry and mornings are difficult for me to open my mouth too wide.


He grinned. 

Six more times I screwed up. He – never. However, after that first spanking, my answer to his “would you like to thank me” question absolutely changed. Twice he came down my throat and twice he fucked me until my mind exploded right along with my body.

As we were turning in for the night, he asked one more question:  What to do this again sometime?


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