Locked submission – 1

“How long will it be in?”

Milord sighed then patted his lap. Damn. I knew better than to ask THAT question.

I positioned myself and braced my hands against the floor. Each word was emphasized with a sharp blow to my already red bottom.

“It. Will. Be. There. Until. I. Remove. It. You. Know. That. Don’t. You?”

“yes, milord.” Tears were flowing down my face.

The afternoon started out beautifully. Milord came home, kissed me, whispered that he would like me to be naked and in the playroom, on the bed, face down, hips raised on three pillows. I obeyed.

He came in after a time and began to hum. I heard a few drawers open and then the cold (he keeps it in the mini fridge) lube pressed against my anus. THAT was when I totally screwed up.

“But it’s been over a week since you took my pussy. Pleeeeaaaaazzzzz”

“Oh, babe. Do you want to use your safeword?”

“No,” I admitted.

“Then you know you deserve a spanking for that comment. I will use your body however and whenever I want. Right?”

“Right.” He was right. I LOVED this rule. What I didn’t love (but kinda did) was the fifteen minute spanking that followed. By the time he finished, I was a sniveling mess of submission. Once satisfied that I had been properly subjugated, he continued adding the cold lube, pressing it in and the scissoring his fingers.

When his cock finally entered my back door, I screamed from the pleasure of having his cock inside of me. ANYWHERE inside of me!!

“That’s better,” he praised.

He fucked me slowly, enjoying himself, and I came, I don’t know – maybe 5,000 times??? He grabbed a handful of my hair close to the scalp and pulled my head back. He leaned down and said, “I’m going to fill your ass, babe. And it will stay filled for a very long time just to remind you that it’s mine. Mine. You gave it to me, didn’t you?”

“Yes! Yes, Milord. It’s yours,” I answered.

And he filled me. Giving my body his sweet blessing. I was totally satiated and content. Until he pulled out and immediately pressed in a plug. Which got bigger and bigger. Then I felt a bit of jiggling and heard the distinct click of a key.

Now, having been chastised a SECOND time and properly thanked Milord for both chastisements, my ass is on fire, my face a mess, and Milord has the key to the open  petal plug on a chain around his neck.

“Feeling more humble?” he asked

“Yes, Milord.”


I looked up at him from my place between his legs and smiled “Very much so, Milord.”

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