What will he do?

He knows I hate this. This waiting. Which is precisely why he does it. I’ve broken no rule and today is not Maintenance Day, but he has chosen to have me stand her, facing the wall, as he relaxes from his work day.

It is his right, a right I have given to him. And honestly, it’s such a compliment to know that seeing my nakedness and my submission is what he looks forward to when he comes home.

But my mind is spinning.  Will he keep me here long? Will he spank me, flog me, whip me? Will he fuck me, and if is, which hole will he desire tonight? I hope he uses my mouth at least for a bit, but the other two would be lovely as well. Christ! Now I’m wet. Dripping. I can smell myself, so I’m sure he can smell me, too.

What will he do? What will he do? What will he do?

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