24 hours of total surrender

I didn’t say a word to her as we drove through town. If she’d kept quiet, no one outside off the car would have noticed anything about her. Now, she was receiving all kinds of strange looks thanks to the bit gag in her mouth. Galatia kept her head down for the 30 minute ride to the club.

I pulled into the private garage and opened her door for her. I kissed her head and said, “Now see the embarrassment you brought on yourself by not following the rules? That was a warning. Follow every rule from me EXACTLY or the punishments will be much more severe.”

She nodded her understanding and looked up at me with her eyes shining. I could smell her excitement. I Image result for pedestalheld her hand and led her into the establishment. Five women and one man was already displayed – all locked onto their pedestals. One stood empty.

“That is for you. Do you need to be restrained in order to stay in place?”

She shook her head and mumbled something. I removed her gag and she said, No, sir. I will not disappoint you again.

She hopped onto her wooden block and stood still. When someone would tap her legs, she would widen them as much as she could. She would bend over, show her teeth, lift her arms and allow her nipples to be pinched, all without a word of complaint. Through it all, though, she kept her eyes locked on mine, a soft smile on her face.

This auction is about to begin. Each of these submissives has been offered for auction for a period of no more and no less than 24 hours. All buyers have agreed to each set of hard limits and safety regulations found in the manifesto. All money raised will go to the submissive or to his or her charity of choice. Shall we begin?

Galatia was last. All were impressed by her grace. More than one noted the faded red on her ass, the anal plug, and the white line of dried cum lining her inner thigh. Once the bidding slowed at $5,000, I stepped in. No way in hell was anyone else getting my Galatia.

“$8,000,” I shouted.

The room quieted.


Galatia stepped down from her pedestal and into my arms. I removed the gag, Image result for nipple chains leashplaced the collar around her neck and the clamps on her nipples.

Using the leash, I led her around the room, chatting with people, sipping a drink, until I was ready to leave.

When we arrived home, Galatia stepped inside the house then went to her knees.

Permission to speak? she asked quietly.


Thank you.

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