Third Sunday of Advent – Joyous

This Sunday is to be a celebration of Joy. Last Sunday, I was denied orgasm so that I could HOPE for one. This Week, Milord has determined that I will be as Joyous as possible by forcing me TO orgasm until I beg him for mercy which he may or may not grant.

Milord began by buckling a sturdy harness around my waist. To this he attached a battery opImage result for forced orgasmerated vibrate, making sure that it would constantly stimulate my clit. I would not be allowed to remove this myself, as one of Milord’s paramount rules is that whatever he attaches or inserts, only he may remove.

Once everything was in place, He had me kneel to show my gratitude. Immediately, the strong vibrations began. Between the glory of his cock inside of my mouth and the ferocious vibrations against my clit, I lasted maybe a minute. Nonetheless, I continued worshiping Milord until he blessed me by also coming in my mouth. Only then did he ease up on the vibrating dildo.

For the rest of the day I went about my daily routine except that I was nude sans the harness. At least once an hour Milord would turn on the vibrator and keep it going until I came. Sometimes, he would keep it on for twenty minutes long, other times, he would pulse it. I never knew when it would begin or stop.

Twice more he allowed me to suck his cock until he also came. Finally, around 4 in the afternoon, I broke down into tears and begged him for mercy. I could barely walk, I said. I needed a break, just a one hour break.

Milord agreed. I sobbed my gratitude, but as it turned out, he agreed to relievtumblr_p140ea6JZs1vnfut0o1_500e my legs only. He picked me up and positioned me face down on the bed. Then, he buckled my wrists and ankles in place, but continued to pulse the damned vibrator.  By this point, I was screaming his name. Eventually, however, all resistance left my body and I slumped onto the bed, allowing the waves of joy to wash over me as they would.

I was completely boneless in my unending joy. Sometime in the trance-like state, Milord removed the harness and replaced it with his own divine manhood. My body surged with his touch and I begged him now to never stop. To fuck my pussy, my ass, my mouth. To use my body as he chose. To take from me everything that I was.

It could have been hours later, or minutes. I have no idea, but eventually, he did, indeed, join me in expressing his own joy. He unbuckled my wrists and I flipped over, my mouth opening of its own accord.

He laughed, but gave me what I so wanted. Again, as I sucked My Master’s cock clean of our combined juices, I came again. I’m not sure when it happened, but I fell asleep with his cock in my mouth and didn’t wake up again until this morning.

Happy Joyous Advent!

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