Fourth Sunday of Advent – Peace

The fourth Sunday of advent traditionally represents Peace. To this end, Milord has decreed that it will  be a day of SILENT peace – at least for me. To begin, Milord commanded me to worship his cock, something I eagerly did! After all, he explained to me while my mouth was fill of him, I couldn’t very well speak if my mouth was full!

Within minutes, he exploded down my throat and I gratefully lapped up every drop. Once I was sure he was cleaned, I dipped lower and licked his balls, eventually sucking them into my mouth as well.

When he gently pDoSeRorU4AAFk5Bushed back on my head, I sat on my heels and looked up at him, smiling. That was when he told me to get dressed, we were going out for breakfast. However, For every word I spoke, I would receive ten swats with his leather paddle AND wear a gag for ten minutes. 

I gasped, but nodded my understanding, and hurried to dress. I was good, really, until the bill came. By then I had relaxed enough to forget all about my moratorium on speech, and when the waitress stopped by our table and asked how every was, without thinking, I said, “It was great, thank you!”

Five Words. Milord looked at me and grinned. I paled. Fifty swats and fifty m


inutes of being gagged. Luckily, the gag was small, but the paddle was not. As soon as we got home, I went into our room, stripped out of my clothing, and positioned myself on the bed. Luckily, I endured the spanking without an actual word – just a few yelps and squeaks! Once he finished, Milord leaned over me and told me to open my mouth. I did so, and he inserted the gag. I moaned when I saw the two chains attached to it which ended with clips for my nipples.

He laughed, but didn’t clip then on quite yet. First, he said, I since I took my spanking so well, I deserved a reward. He eased his cock in and made love to me. I came three times and was grateful for the gag which stopped me from shouting his name! When he finally came as well, I moaned with the pure joy of his cum splashing inside of me.

After we had both recovered he helped me stand and said, “Now, You have twenty minutes of gag time left. Let’s go ahead and attach the clips just as an added bonus.”

I closed my eyes a moment, then opened them, looked into his own questioning once, and nodded. He kissed my forehead, whispered “good girl,” and clipped my nipples.

Once more after I was released I spoke. The second time I said, “What would you like for dinner tonight?” Seven words.

SevAdemdoorlatende bal gag + tepelklemmenenty swats.

Seventy minutes of being gagged.

A lovely ass fucking.

Twenty more minutes of my nipples being clipped.

When I cuddled next to him, exhausted and tender from the day’s events, I couldn’t help but be grateful for his loving and firm hand.


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