Second Sunday of Advent – Hope

Hope is the theme of the day. Milord has made sure that I am filled with this hope – hope of orgasm, that is. The goal today is NOT to come for at least eight hours. If I do, first I will be punished and second, my time will start over.

To begin, Milord naturally had me on my knees worshipping his cock. Just because I could not come, didn’t mean HE couldn’t! Of course, he also knows that his cum is often a catalyst to my own explosion. Just as he was on the verge of giving me what I so desperately wanted, he stepped away and behind me, keeping a hand on my shoulder and gently pushing my head downward. Now, my ass was up in the air. He spat and plunged his cock in my anus, balls deep. I cried out and had to bite my lip to keep from coming.


God I love when he takes me hard and strong. I WANT his strength and power. I could feel the joy bubbling up inside of me when, thankfully, he released his own, filling my body with his essence. He pulled out, but immediate pushed in a plug.

Once I had cleaned his cock with my mouth, something I dislike whenever he’s been in my ass, but something I love for him to make me do, my bottom began to vibrate.

A remote control butt plug. Holy shit!

Twice during the day I came. Twice my time started over. Twice I was spanked until I cried. Finally, at 10:30 p.m., I had finally made it eight full hours. I was strung tight as a guitar string.

Milord positioned himself above me, his cock a hair’s breath away from my gaping, drenched pussy. He looked down at me, smiled, then impaled himself inside of me, switching on the damned plug as he did.

I exploded. Colors bloomed, angels sang, and my mind shattered. Over and over I came, quite unconscious of all my surrounds. All that existed was pure and complete joy and pleasure.

The old saying is correct:  Good things come to those who wait.

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