Vacay Punishment

Autumn Rules 2019

We are on VACAY!!! In the tropics. Nonetheless, my Rules still apply. Luckily, Milord has booked us into an ADULTS ONLY/CLOTHING OPTIONAL/LIFESTYLE FRIENDLY resort. It’s amazing. This morning, for example, I went to a pier to do my yoga. MiloImage result for naked outside yoga resortrd went with me and, while I was yogaing (is that a word?) Milord was swimming close enough that he could keep an eye on me – which I appreciated. Even though this is lifestyle friendly place, there are jerks everywhere.

Since it’s clothing optional, Milord, naturally, has denied me clothing except for when we dine at one of the 8 restaurants, then I can wear a skirt. Also, I’m still required, unless he has given prior permission, to wear a corset beginning at 4:30 p.m.

Last night, our first night here, I forgot. By the time I remembered it was 6:00 p.m. and we were sitting chatting with another lifestyle couple. I suddenly thought of the corset and asked Milord if he still would like me to wear one. He didn’t answer, just raised his eyebrows.

I excused myself and went to our room where I struggled to get into one of the three I had brought with me. Rather than push my already bad luck, I didn’t bother to slip into a skirt or panties – just the corset and heels. Since the dinner hour was soon upon us, I did, though, grab a skirt to take with me.

When I arrived back, Milord was leaning against the bar sipping a drink. The couple we had been chatting with was also there, but the man held a soft, short tailed flogger in his hand. Quickly, I glanced at the woman. She blushed and lowered her eyes.

:Into position here,” Milord commanded and patted the bar. I nodded, spread my legs wide and crossed my arms, and lay my head on them.

“We have decided on 25 strokes,” Milord stated.

Later, we enjoyed dinner with our new friends, laughed, drank, and told stories. With four more days here, I’m sure I’ll come back home with many, many corset

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