Image result for backless evening gownChoice. People ignorant of BDSM sometimes think that the submissive has no choice. In truth, we submissives hold more power of choice than even our dominants. We have the power to say no. We have the power to stop every activity.  We also have the power to say Yes.

For example, Milord had a gala to attend and so he took me shopping. After much debate, we settle on a lovely backless dress. The front had a modest V neckline, but the back exposed every inch of skin down to the curve of my buttocks.

When it was time for my weekly maintenance I desperately wanted a lovely flogging with Milord’s newest possession – a kangaroo suede beauty.  Milord, however, pointed out that the gala was the next night and if we used the flogger the markings would surely be plainly visible.

I blushed, ashamed that I had forgotten all about the dress. What happens in our private lives is just that – private! Milord suggested that rather than a typical flogging which would primarily focus on my back, that I bend over the dining room table so that he could aim more precisely on my rear and upper thighs.

Choices. I had the power to say no, but I also have the power to say Yes.

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