Wifely Training – Home


Wifely training14970312


Bella knelt, waiting for Levi to come into the living room. She thought back to her training Wifely Training – 4. When she’d agreed to enter into the training, she’d been unsure and unknowing of what Levi had meant when he said “24/7” and “TPE”. Now, she knew. Now, she didn’t think she could live without it. Sure, her life was unconventional, but she was happy. During the day, she did as she pleased – so long as she dressed in a manner Levi approved of. She read whatever she wanted, crafted whatever she wanted, had unlimited monetary resources, and visited friends whenever she wanted (with Levi’s approval). He was never jealous, never overbearing, never cruel. Sure, she now felt a bit lonely without the butt plug, her nipples were almost always puffy, and she was often marked on her ass, thighs, and sometimes breasts, but DAMN she felt good! She felt wanted, appreciated, cared for, and respected. Mostly, she felt loved.

She heard his footsteps but didn’t move. She knew better. She’d been trained better. Levi reached down, tweaking her nipples.

Do you have any idea how incredible you look? I can’t wait to get home every night knowing you’re here. What would you like to do tonight? Dinner in or out?

In, please.


Relax on a couch or play?

Play, please.

Vanilla or Kink?

Please, Sir. Kink.

He chuckled, warming Bella’s heart, her pussy dewy.

You, my love, are insatiable. Thank you.

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