The Disciplinarian

After the last encounter, I was careful to follow His directions to the letter. The Disciplinarian: On Your Knees.

I arrive at the hotel early, but did not enter the room until EXACTLY 2:00 p.m. just as He had ordered. On the desk was an envelope. I gulped and picked it up. With a shaking hand, I opened it and read the enclosed letter.

Before reading any further, remove your clothing.

I put the letter down and stripped, neatly folding my clothes and placing them inside the dresser drawer.

As per your own words you have committed the following infractions.

1.  Wasted money shopping for items I do not need.

2.  Chose not to go to yoga class 4 times.

3.  got drunk once.

4.  Snapped at an employee for no good reason.

Go into the bathroom. Shower. Shave your legs, underarms, cat. Fill the enema bag and insert. Wait a minimum of fifteen minutes before expulsion. Put the cuffs on your wrists and ankles, lie face up, spread eagle on the bed and put on the blindfold. Do not move until told otherwise. Do not speak. 

I did as he said. Half an hour later, I lay in darkness, sensitive to every sound and footstep int he hallway outside the door. The waiting was making me agitated and, to my shame, wet. Finally, the door opened and I heard footsteps. They seemed lighter than His. Hands smaller but just as firm as His grabbed my wrist and brought it downward.

“Bend your knees,” a male voice not His commanded.

Blushing I did so. He attached my wrists to my ankles. I was panting, desperate to ask where He was, how was I to be disciplined.

Then, I realized, THIS was my discipline. To obey without question. To accept without complaint.

The disembodied hand spread my cheeks and inserted cool lube. I smelled the sharp scent of peppermint and then the sting of it inside my bottom. I whimpered, but said nothing. A hard, metal plug was added.

I again heard footsteps and the door opening and closing. Time stood still.

Eventually, the door opened again and this time He said, “You’ve done well so far. Let’s see how you take the rest of your discipline. For the first offense, you have emptied yourself of unnecessary waste.”

I cringed with humiliation.

For the second offense, you will maintain this position until I choose to release you.

That was fair, I thought.

For the third offense, you have been forced to allow a stranger to manipulate your body. Be grateful he is a close friend and would never take advantage of the situation. Becoming drunk could end very differently.

He was right.

For your last and most grievous offense, you will endure the sharpness of the peppermint lube. You will use your mouth for my pleasure so that you will learn to use it wisely. You will also, while bdsmlr-82823-qd68QeLZkxallowing me to fuck your mouth, endure a series of sharp slaps to your puss as a reminder of the pain that can come from unexpected sharpness. Hopefully, this will curb your sharpness with your employees.

The bed shifted and I opened my mouth, tears already squeezing beneath the blindfold.


Two hours later I walked out of the hotel, my head held high, my make-up perfect, my pussy swollen, my belly filled with his cum, my bottom still plugged, and my soul cleansed.

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