Tuesday Maintenance

Summer Rules 2019

Milord was sitting at his desk when I presented myself to him. As per our rules, I was completely nude and it was exactly 7:00 p.m. He looked up at me, glanced at the clock, and smiled.

“Excellent. Come. I thought tonight we would begin with a nice warm up spanking. While I am doing that, I will tell you all the ways you have pleased me this week.”

This was different, but I couldn’t say I was unhappy about it! I bent over His desk and He began. He kept up a running commentary while delivering firm hand spanks to my bottom.

“Your meals are absolutely delicious as well as nutritious. While always amazing, yesterday’s blow job mdesk-over-e1545807323206ake my day. I kept thinking about that fact that no one else in my office began their day with such perfection.  I love how your ass welcomes my cock and how quickly you come when I fuck it. I adore seeing your beautiful, naked body every night, sleeping next to you, and waking up to you in your full glory.”

I was weeping now, my bottom stinging, but my heart about to burst.

“There. Perfect. We will now move on to the cane. For each stroke, YOU will tell ME something you find pleasure in.”

I bit my lip. Usually He gave a number when using the cane. Tonight, I had no idea how many strokes he would award me. I hoped not as many as things I found pleasure in or I would end up with no skin left!

WHISK! I yelp, and then said, “I love the look in your eyes when you look at me.”

WHISK! “OHMYGOD. I love how easily I come and that you don’t restrict my orgasms.”

WHISK!  “I love that you take what you want.”

This went on for twelve strokes until I was sobbing so hard my words were unintelligible.

“That’s perfect, love. Now, thank me for your Maintenance.”

Gratefully, I turned and knelt, my bottom on absolute fire. I unzipped his trousers and pulled out his fully engorged cock. I looked up at him, smiling, then opened my mouth and began the most pleasurable task of worshiping Milord. When he came down my throat, my own body convulsed with pleasure and I moaned, making sure I kept my mouth around him and swallowing his cum.

He helped me to my feet, kissed me soundly, then said, “I actually have a bit of work to do tonight. No more than twenty minutes or so. Would you like to wait for me in the bedroom or here in the corner?”

“Corner please,” I answered.

Image result for bdsm corner time

He kissed me again, pleased with my answer. “Good. I love seeing your body at any time, but especially after a proper maintenance.

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