Discrete Obedience

Clara took one last look in the mirror. Perfect. She looked every inch the confident professional on her way to a meeting. No one would guess that beneath the forest green dress her bottom was rosy red and slightly bruised from Benjamin’s attentions this morning. He had decided that rather than using his hand for her morning spankings, he’d use his flogger instead.

No one e92e85e3fd747f60751f9a4092bcfc61knew that a string of pearls was the crotch of her panties.

No one knew that her breakfast, as usual, consisted of Benjamin’s come.

No one knew that Clara’s pussy was bright pink and swollen as a result of the five orgasms she’d had and then the pussy slapping as a result of not asking permission to orgasm.

No one knew of the chain she wore around her waist and threaded through her belly ring as a sign of her devotion and submission to Benjamin.

No one knew that when she arrived home she would strip out of her proper clothing, lube and insert a plug into her own ass, and then prepare dinner.

No one knew that only after dinner and dishes were completed would she and Benjamin make love. Even she didn’t know if he would choose to fuck her pussy and keep the plug in her ass or if he would remove the plug and fuck her ass.

No one knew just how satisfied and happy she was.



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