Bragging equals exposure

tumblr_m48gk2AbzX1qdok4ro1_500H has always liked to discipline me by humiliation. Pain – I like it. Anal plugs – Never wetter. Public exposure, however, OMG!!! Still, I could object. He won’t FORCE me.

Today, we were at a secluded lake fishing. (Yes, fishing. We both LOVE to fish!) The lake is privately owned and, as I said, secluded. I caught three catfish to his one and, naturally had to open my mouth and brag about it.

At first, he threatened to fill my mouth with something other than bragging, but when he saw the excitement in my eyes, he changed his mind.

So now, here I sit. Totally naked! In the back seat of the car. My arms must remain behind my head and my breasts lifted high. Honestly, the chance of someone seeing me are slim to none, but still, being exposed OUTSIDE!!! Ugh!!! Trust me when I say, I’ll not be bragging again anytime soon!

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