Pride of Obedience

Summer Rules 2019

So I went out to lunch with a friend the other day. We’ve been friends for years and when I showed up obviously not wearing a bra, she seemed surprise. This surprised me since she is well aware of my lifestyle choice. I asked her what was wrong and she told me that she had thought I would have “asked the Master” to wear bra since I was meeting her. After all, she continued, people were staring at my nipples and that simply HAD to be humiliating.

I kept my cotumblr_pt7yw8e2fz1uv43xd_540ol, ordered a pot of tea, then told her in no uncertain terms that yes, I could have asked AND RECEIVED permission to wear lingerie. It was actually MY choice to obey the summer rule that I had agreed to.

My tea came. Janet’s coffee came. We both sipped. Then I leaned in close and whispered: Do you think anyone else here who might be staring at my nipples had theirs sucked to the point of orgasm? Do you think anyone else here got their brains fucked out of their minds this morning? Do you think anyone else and I stared pointedly at Janet is as proud of their body at this moment that I am?

That was when she broke down in tears. Apparently, she had her boyfriend were breaking up. I felt TERRIBLE!! How could I GLOAT about my relationship when hers was falling apart! I begged her forgiveness, hugged her, and we chatted for hours. By the time we parted, she had calmed down and decided that, in truth, she was better off without the lout.

Lesson learned.  DO NOT assume some’s harsh comments are directed at me. Perhaps, that long term friend needs me and is hurting.

Now, do I tell Milord that I was rude to a friend?

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