Dare – 3

Darien looked at his lover. Of course, she had no idea he was looking at her, standing there in the corner, her nose and hands to the wall. He breathed deeply, satisfied with the day. It will be a long, long time before she challenges him like that again.

Today she had been tied up, figged, cropped, paddled, gagged, fucked in every single orifice, denied her own orgasm, wore the dried remnants of his orgasms on her skin.

Her nipples had been bitten, clamped, suctioned, sucked on, slapped, and stretched.

Her ass was criss crossed over the red with cane markings.

The day was almost finished. Her Punishment Day. A Day she had dared him to complete. He went to her, placed his hand on the back of her neck. She jumped a bit and whimpered.

It’s 9:00, Marla. Time to finish the day. Hands behind your back.

She responded immediately.  He bound them before spinning her around.

Tell me. Was today everything you expected? Did you enjoy the day’s work? Do you love having your mouth, pussy, and ass filled right now?

She stepped away from the wall and sunk to her knees. She looked up at him, eyes pleading. Taking pity on her, he removed the ball gag.

You are my master, Sir. My love. Thank you.


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