Paying for Panties

As per our Summer Rules 2019, I asked permission to wear panties beneath  a faiImage result for butt plug pantiesrly sheer black skirt. Milord granted me this request, but, naturally, I had to pay the price. He bent be over the bed and inserted a medium sized anal plug. I was expecting this, but to my surprise, the cool burn began almost immediately. I gasped and looked up at him.

“A bit of peppermint oil, love. To keep your attention. Open your mouth.”

Thank the gods! If I had to endure this agony of desire in my ass, at least I could have his cock in my mouth!  He was in no hurry and let me set the pace. I made love to his cock, worshipping every single millimeter of his expanse. I cradled his balls and paid homage to them. I went back to his manhood, slipping my mouth down, down, down, until I gagged and my lips touched the base.  Even after he came down my throat, I continued to suck and lick until he was completely cleaned.

Smiling up at him, I stood and grabbed a bra. He stopped me and said, “I don’t believe I gave permission for that. Just the panties.”

I looked down at my erect nipples, horrified. Peppermint oil ALWAYS made me horny as hell!

He grinned, seeintumblr_pfhv1uTTwL1twxq46o1_1280g my consternation. Having no other choice, I put the bra back in the drawer and slipped on my blouse. No one could not notice my nipples!

“Perfect. Now, if you’re a good little slut and don’t complain anymore, I’ll fuck that horny ass when we get home from the market.”

I kissed him and said, “Now that’s an incentive I’ll be sure to follow.”


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