A Glorious Afternoon

Yes, I know you don’t particularly enjoy stripping in front of others, but you’ll do it, won’t you?

I thought so. You many not admit it, but at heart, we both know that you enjoy being exhibited. You enjoy even more, obeying me don’t you?

Now, be good and I won’t bind you to the mast. That’s it. Bend over the railing and show my friend that lovely ass of yours.

I would like for you to stay in place. No looking back, no moving at all, in fact, unless directed to do so. You see, I’ve brought along  my favorite flogger. We will all take turns using it on that pretty ass and unless you say “Christmas”, you will stay in place.

Make me proud, darling. Show my friends just how obedient and respectful of my desires you truly are. If you can do that, when we’re all pleased with the results, I’ll fuck you first, filling you with my cum so you’ll be good and lubed up for anyone else who wishes to follow my path.

I knew that would motivate you to be good. Now remember, don’t break position unless given permission.

What will happen if you do?  That’s right. I’ll tie you to mast for your flogging and then to the rail for your fucking. Now kiss me, my love. It’s going to be a glorious afternoon.Ds3xHx8WoAArNyp

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