5 ways to let Him know you need Dominated

  1.  TELL HIM.  Simple, but often ignored. Have a heart to heart conversation about what you truly need and what you are willing to do to get it.
  2. Research.  Peruse some factual and fictional sites together to come up with ideas that excite you both.
  3. Start slowly. When you are both ready, begin adding words like “Sir” or “Mistress” to your vocabulary. Lower your eyes when speaking. ALWAYS remember to say “Thank you” when your Dominate does or says something that makes you feel special. It’s perfectly okay to begin with words only.
  4. Experiment.  Once you are both comfortable with the idea, play around with some things you both liked while researching. Be sure to establish a Safe Word, first, though. Sometimes you THINK you’ll like something, but in reality, you really don’t.
  5. Let pleasure guide you. What pleases you both is a keeper! What pleases one of you needs to be discussed. What pleases neither of you needs to go. Don’t be shy about speaking up if something is either wonderful or awful. Also, LISTEN to your partner and RESPECT what he/she enjoys as well.tumblr_oyga9jUcFx1qgb3euo3_1280

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