A Submissive’s Pledge

  1.  I pledge to honestly communicate with my Dominant.
  2. I pledge to put the wants of my Dominant before my own.
  3. I pledge to obey expectations which my dominant and I have agreed upon.
  4. I pledge to use my safe word without hesitation if I so feel the need.
  5. I pledge to accept my Dominant’s reprimands with grace and piety.
  6. I pledge to inform my Dominant of any changes in my body or psyche.
  7. I pledge to discuss any concerns I might have in a calm and reasonable manner.
  8. I pledge to respect, honor, and love my Dominant.
  9. I pledge to honestly keep my Dominant apprised of my hard limits.
  10. I pledge to trust my Dominant in all things.DRi2ajgW4AEl0Fr

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