Obeying Rules

I’m not at all sure that enjoyed the evening, but my enjoyment is not the point. Milord’s enjoyment, though, is! This is one of his Dom Nights where he invites some of his Dominant friends over. Five others were here, two with their own submissives. I’m not sure who they were exactly, although I certainly have an idea. Before anyone arrived, Milord decreed that he would be making “full use of my body.” Now keep in mind that at any point I could have safe worded out. I thought about it, but where’s the fun in that?? First, Milord strapped me to the spanking bench. Then, he put a blindfold over my eyes and noise cancelling headphones over my ears. He set up a classical music playlist and let rip. I would neither see nor hear for the rest of the evening. I was tied comfortably but very securely in place. I was a plaything for Milord and his guests.

Now, as Milord released me, I can see the pride on his face and the s9d3baf20d1a674b7e0d847b90988b2c4well of his cock. I smile at him, thrilled that I have pleased him. “You are stunning,” he says as he surveys my body. My hair is a mess and I’m sure mascara runs down my face. My ass and thighs are stinging and hot, so I’m sure they are scarlet and swollen. I was hand spanked, belt spanked, flogged, and paddled tonight. My jaws ache. My mouth was fucked four times, three of which ended with my swallowing cum and one with cum dripping from my face. My pussy was fucked seven times and my ass four. Even now, a plug fills my very tender bottom. I can barely stand. This, however, is not a problem for Milord.


He scoops me up into his arms and carries me to our Play Room. There, he sets me gently on the bed and licks my pussy. I throw my head back and scream my pleasure. The MOMENT his tongue touched my well used parts I exploded. He chuckles and continues until I have come two more times. Then, he stands and strips. “I’m so proud of you, my love. I can’t wait to fuck you. I haven’t yet tonight,” he admits and I feel my eyes go round. “As a reward, you can choose where.”

“No, please, Milord. You choose,” I beg. I never know where to choose. I love when he uses every hole but I can’t think straight when I’m in submind!

“Choose,” he commands, “or I won’t fuck you at all. I’ll just jack off on your body.” I bite my lip. “My pussy,” I say quietly. He grins. “Position?” he asks. SO MANY CHOICES!! “May I be on top, please?” I ask.

He lies down on the bed and pulls me on top of him. I slide onto his cock and sigh. It’s so perfect. “The plug?” I ask. He knows the rest. “Absolutely stays in,” he responds. “You still have to follow rules.”

“Yes, Milord.” I was the one who insisted on this rule. If I’m on top, my ass must be filled. It takes less than a minute for me to come. A shattering, explosive riot of color and passion.

“Keep going,” he orders. And somehow I do. He must have been just as excited as I because very shortly after his command, he empties himself deep within me. I slowly slide off his body, kissing his chest and snuggling.

“What about the plug?” I ask hesitantly. If HE put it in, I’m in probably trouble because I’m not allowed to complain and only he can take it out. If someone else put it in, I’m not sure. He rubs my nipples and slowly begins to pinch them. Yep. HE put it in. I squirming and starting to cry. He doesn’t pinch harder, but he holds his position until I apologize. Then, he slowly releases them. He kisses the top of my head and tells me to go to sleep. I can shower in the morning and maybe, if I show proper gratitude for all the fun we had tonight, he’ll remove the plug then.

My breath catches in my throat and I answer: As you wish, Milord, let it be done. Now, as I sit nibbling my piece of toast, plug free and squeaky clean, marked and sore, I realize Milord was quite right. Last night was so much fun.

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