Vegas, Baby.

I don’t like this. I don’t. But He does, and so it will happen. We are in Vegas for a long weekend and He has decreed that I am to be nude at all times while in our room. When we go out, He will approve anything I wear. This, I’m good with. I’m a private person and I love, respect and obey Him. I trust Him in all ways. I know this weekend will be a test, but one that I look forward to.

We arrived at our hotel and on the elevator ride up He told me that the very moment we walked into our room I was to remove all of my clothing except my shoes. I agreed, naturally, but then remembered the bell hop would be bringing up the luggage so I asked permission to hide in the bathroom. He said that would be fine, but I’d pay a price later. I agreed, and when the bell hop left, I came out.

He had me stand by the window and took me from behind. The sun was out, the sheer curtain closed, so I had no concerns here. God I love when He takes me this way. He pumps into me with such force and I feel so very complete. He spilled his seed inside of me and I came all over his cock. By this time, the sun was setting.

Now, Now was pay back time. First, He attached little clips connected by a metal chain to my nipples. I whimpered and pulled away when the clips bit into my tender skin. This earned me a sharp five deserved slaps to my pussy, which was still swollen from His use of me.  Then He opened the curtains and turned on all of the lights in the room. He lifted my hands, pressed them against the glass, pressed my shoulder as well so that my clipped nipples squished against the cold glass. I realized that the people on the street below couldn’t possibly see me, but anyone in the nearby hotels certainly could. I begged Him to let me step away, but He reminded me that I agreed to pay for hiding from the bell hop. I had agreed to trust Him. I had agreed to obey.

And so, I stood, by nipples growing more tender by the moment, my cheeks growing more red. And shockingly, my pussy wet again. No, I do not like exhibition, but oh I so love obedience.

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