Payment for Panties

She won’t move. Not until I allow it. I know she is nervous, anxious is perhaps a better word. Earlier, we went out for dinner, but just to make sure she would be in the right state of mind when we returned home, I pressed a pretty plug into her. I had planned on doing that regardless, but when she asked, begged is perhaps a better word, to wear panties, it was a perfect opportunity to have her “pay” for the privilege of wearing underclothing.

Now, backDahv7McXcAA3s9A home after dinner and a bit of shopping, she is more than ready to do as I bid. My cock is rock hard remember how quickly she obeyed the order to strip down to her underthing. Not things. Thing. I consented to the panties, but not a bra. I pointed to the floor. She assumed her position.

The question now is what to do? Cut off the panties? Spank that gorgeous  ass? Fuck her pussy while leaving the plug in place? Remove the plug and fuck her ass? So many choices.

Obviously, the choice is simple. I choose them all.


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