More Consequences

Lunch with Consequences  I felt, was a good reminder not to assume what Lion might want, but to go with what I KNOW we have agreed to. Lion, though, felt that I need to have this lesson more firmly established. Which is why I was surprised when he brought out an over the bust corset for me to put on the next day.

To back up a bit, when Lion got home, I most certainly did have the nipple suctions in place. After a proper welcome home (me on my knees, his cock in my mouth!!) he stood me up, flicked the cups, and quickly released them. I gasped, but before I could scream, he had a clamp on the nipple. Repeat with the left side. I couldn’t help a few tears sliding down my cheeks. He lifted my chin, kissed me, and said he was prod of me. As he changed clothes, I finished dinner, the chains of the clips swinging with my every movement. The evening went well, after clean up he released my swollen nubs, kissed them, then we made love for a long, long time.

This morning, though, he handed me the corset and told me to put it on. I held it up and noticed gauze pads sewn in right at the nipple area. I also caught a slightly spicy scent. Nonetheless41f407b9833986d807f1dfb56d95b053, I did as he said, hooking the front together. He turned me around and tightened the laces. My nipples began to tingle then burn.

“Lion?” I asked, confused.

“Yes, those pads have been soaked in a ginger extract. You’ll feel the burn for quite a bit. Before I leave, I’m going to tight you up once more. Come to my office today for lunch in. I’ll replenish the extract then and tighten the laces one more time. I’m sure after this day’s confining and uncomfortable sensations you’ll be more than ready to obey, won’t you?”

“Yes, I will. Thank you, Lion,” I say. My nipples are on fire and I can barely breath let alone bend over. How could it get any tighter?? But it could, as Lion proved at lunch. He unlatched the top hook just enough to replenish the extract onto the pads then, much tot my surprise, was able to pull the lacing even tighter. He enjoyed his lunch while I sat at his feet, sucking on his cock until I too was fed. (Note: I LOVE doing this!!!)

When Lion got home, he (bless him) removed the corset. My nipples were swollen and very red, but so very, very sensitive! “Lovely. Now, go put on a something I’d like. I’m in the mood for dinner and a movie.”

Without hesitation, I tossed on a white polo shirt and a broomstick skiLatinas hermosasrt with boots. Only after we were sitting in the theater did I realize no once did I even consider putting on a bra or panties. I smiled. I felt his hand move up my bare thigh and then a bit farther. He spread me and gently rubbed my slit. I wiggled and squirmed and had to hold my hand over my mouth once to keep from crying out. He chuckled, but kept his movements slow and steady. By the time we finally got home, I practically tore his clothing from his body.

We fucked. Hard, heavy, and desperate for each other. When it was over, we were both satiated, happy, and relaxed. Once again, Lion knew exactly what I needed to stay on track.  He is so very, very at keeping me where I want to be.

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