The Hidden Room, the christening

He made the bed with all sorts of lovely attachments. Innumerable tie down points, a sturdy metal bar across the top, a retractable “lead”, stock like openings for either arms or legs. In order to be sure, He said, that the bed was fine as it was and did not need any refinements, He would need to utilize each and every aspect. He began by having me strip then putting cuffs on my wrists and ankles as well as the collar around my neck. In order to get me in the right mindset, He first attached carabiners to my  cuffs and the hooked me to the large rings at the end of the bed. I was now immobilized. He pulled my hair back, draped it over my shoulder, and kissed me neck and back. To be honest, I got wet the moment I set foot on the steps going down to the Hidden Room, but now I was drenched. 

“This is the last time you will ever wear clothing in this room,” He said. “Yes,” I answered. 

“Good. Five licks with my hand should do the trick. Then, we’ll set up rules for this room which will be posted on the back of the doors.”

I jumped and squealed when His hand, which I had expected to land on my ass, slapped against my exposed and wide open pussy. By the time He finished, I was certainly in a submissive frame of mind.

I was panting and very focused, expecting Him to start dictating rules to which I could agree or not. Instead, He sat down in front of me and said told ME to begin. Shocked for a moment, I didn’t say anything. Then I began to think. What would He like? What would I like? He’d set one rule already – No clothing for me. I liked that. 

“Okay,” I began. “Um. When we are in this room, I will speak only when asked a question or giving permission with the exception of my safe word.”

He thought a moment before he said, “Agreed. Next?”

I was in the swing of this now. “I will only refer to you as Sir or any other title you decided.”

“Agreed. Next?”

“This room is to be used at your discretion. Whenever you tell me to come here, I must do so. I can, however, request sessions which you may or may not acquiesce to.”

“I like that. And to go along with that one, the final rule will be that I decided when a session will end. You again may request an ending, but may or may not acquiesce to the ending.”

“Agreed,” I answered quickly, smiling down at him. 

“Good. Now, I’m going to lick all that delicious juice that’s raining down your thighs and you, my dear, are going to come as often as possible.” 

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