Out with the Old

In honor of New Year’s Eve, Milord is taking me out tonight. However, I must prepare, or rather, he must first prepare me. Preparations actually started last week when he scheduled three – count them – three appointments for me with a colon hydrotherapy place nearby. This morning was my third and final appointment. Milord was SERIOUS when he said Out with the Old!!

Next, He had me take out all of my lingerie. Then, He handed me a trash bag! I LOVE some of that lingerie so I balked and got nothing but a good solid ten minutes of OTK spankings! Now contrite, I tossed my pretty underthings into the bag. This was repeated with my nipple rings. I should have learned my lesson from before, but again I complained and quickly found myself face down on the bed for another good, solid ten minutes of spanking. One more complaint, he warned, and he’d move on to his belt. Next came our plugs, some which I had only recently purchased for him. I HAD learned this time, and didn’t complain. He handed me a box and I filled it with some of my favorite toys. “As a reward,” he said, “for not complaining, this box goes into the playroom. Every few weeks I will reincorporate one into our sessions.” YAY!!! It’s always wise to follow Milord’s commands

During my shower, he reminded me to shave absolutely everything – legs, cat, underarms, arms – everything. I was happy to comply with this simple request. When I came out, he was waiting for me – with a gift! Something new!

Next, Milord bent me over the bed and worked his fingers around until I was edging. He lubed up my ass and slowly pressed himself inside of me. I sighed, loving every inch of him. He made love to me, using my ass only, and whispered things he planned for the coming year. His voice is really what pushed me over the edge. As I fell, so did he, filling me with his sweet come as I flew on the waves of his power. When he pulled out, he pressed a brand new plug. “It’s hollow, my love,” he murmured. “Quite open. There’s nothing inside of you right now, though aside from my cum. Just think. It will be dripping and running down your leg all night long.”

sex-toys - anal-sex-toys - butt-plugs
I shivered, terrified, humiliated, yet excited beyond all reasoning as well.

“Now for the dress and shoes,” he said. “You’ll find it all ready for you in your closet.” I didn’t bother to ask about under clothing. First, I no longer had any. Second, if Milord had wanted me to wear any, he would have provided it. The plug felt odd as I walked and already I could feel a slight dribble down my leg. Knowing it was his cum and only his cum actually gave me a sense of pride. The dress was incredible. I slipped it on, stepped into the shoes, and we were ready to go. Based on this and the plans Milord had murmured to me, 2019 is going to be spectacular!

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