Lunch with Consequences

MiLord sent me a text this morning asking if I could meet him for lunch. Looking disdainfully down at my project of matching plastic tubs with their lids, I early agreed to meet him at noon at our favorite diner. I fussed about what to wear since he had not specifically said, so I went for conservative and wore a bra, panties, longsleeved blouse and a denim skirt with boots. I arrived first and ordered water for both of us and coffee for him. When he can he leaned down to kiss me but frowned when he glanced at my chest.  I began to stammer, knowing immediately that I had miscalculated. “Shhhh,” he said. “Did you wear the bra and, I assume, underpants by mistake?” 

Here’s where I could have lied or come up with a reasonable explanation. The folks here at the diner were completely used to us and, in fact, hosted a few lifestyle events every now and then. I blinked, blushed, then said, “No. I didn’t, sir. You hadn’t specifically told me I couldn’t, so I did since I was going out in public.”

He took up the menu and perused it. As he did he said,  “And tell me, please, our agreed upon dress code for you.” He didn’t look up, so I quietly answered, “I will always dress in a feminine manner when appropriate. I will wear workout clothing only to do just that – work. I will refrain from wearing a bra or panties unless given permission. I may, at any time, wear a waist cincher or corset.”

The waitress came up on the last bit and Lion waved me to continue so that she was privy to my humiliation. She’s was our regular waitress, so wasn’t at all offended or surprised. “We’ll both have the soup and salad special, Janet.” She nodded, gave me a look of sympathy, and went to place the order. Lion looked at me, frowning, and said, “You have twenty seconds starting right now to correct your error. No, you may not go to the restroom.” My eyes widened, but any woman knows how to get a bra off beneath her blouse. I did as Lion said and handed him both my bra and panties. A few patrons glanced over, smirked, then went back to their meals. By the time the waitress returned, I was dressed properly. We chatted and finished lunch. Lion kissed me when he was ready to leave, bu then said, “You don’t think that was your only punishment, do you?” I said nothing. I’d hoped it would be! “I’ll be home at 5:30. At 5:00 put on the nipple suckers. Take a picture and send it to me. If you’re late, I’ll lay the can across your breasts for every minute. When I get home, I’ll remove them. If they are puffy enough, I’ll attach the clips. They’ll stay there until after dinner. Agreed?”

“Agreed,” I sighed. It was, after all, a fair punishment.


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