Thanksgiving Spanking

Turkey Marked Yeah. This happened last year. Milord was so pleased, that he’s decided to make it an annual thing. This year, though, not only will ONE ctumblr_mdwtp7A7QS1ru1lyao1_1280heek be turkey marked, but BOTH will. It actually took a few tries to get the handprint red enough to please him, so I KNOW I won’t be sitting pretty through dinner. This also pleased Milord. He enjoys watching me try NOT to squirm and to maintain “normal” conversation and movement when he has put barriers to this on me.

He further decided that since the Turkey was stuffed, I would be as well. I begged that he be merciful, but he laughed and said (rightly so), that I didn’t really want mercy. I wanted a challenge. Sometimes, I hate it when he’s right.

With that in mind, while I was still bent over he spread my cheeks and spit on my ass. He rubbed the spit toward my hole and eventually worked enough in so that I was quite slick. Then, he stuffed me. First with his own flesh. His body on top of mine, me made love to me until no longer knew my own name. He impaled himself inside of my anus and used me until the only word I knew was his name. He then filled me, stuffed me, with his own essence which I begged for. When he left my body I cried out, horrified. I spun around, took his cock into my mouth and licked off every drop of cum. He, in turn, ran his fingers inside of me, keeping my body stretched. I felt a cold hardness enter me then, but attended to my task. Even when the width of the plug pressed in I kept my mouth where it needed to be. Only when it was fully seated did he pull away. I kissed his balls and sat back on my heels, looking up at him, content. 

Sitting at the dinner table with all of his family, I smiled, content with the remains of his hand still stinging my ass and his choice of stuffing keeping me full. Is it any wonder that Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday?

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