10 things I’m Thankful for – take 2

Want to read Things I’m Thankful for – the Submissive Take 1? Here’s my updated list.

  1.  Central Heating. Without this, it would be so much more difficult to be comfortably nude in the winter!!
  2. Pearls.  They are so very versatile! Used as a necklace, earrings, wrapped aroune92e85e3fd747f60751f9a4092bcfc61d wrists for bondage, the center of a thong which is terribly uncomfortable while wonderfully focusing, There are beautiful real pearl (costs a fortune!), lab created ones, plastic ones, and my favorite, those beautiful drops of of cried cum circling my neck.
  3. Panties. So many varieties!! White cotton briefs which, when covering a bright red ass, provide softness. Sexy little lacy things which beg to be ripped off, tight thongs which can keep impediments nicely in place, or even the lack of panties reminding me that nothing stands between Mister and me.
  4.  Bras. See above! Basic, every day bras which can be unhooked and handed over at a moment’s notice, soft satin which can soothe swollen nipples, cupless ones which give support yet expose the nipples, lace which barely hides that which is only His to see.
  5. Wood. I absolutely adore the smell of wood. Luckily, Mister uses only the finest purchased
  6. slave bellswooden paddles or, better yet, makes his own. That lovely thudding sound yet sharp sting of the paddle meeting yielding flesh. Delightful!
  7. Heels. They make my legs look phenomenal and because Mister knows I can’t tolerate them for too long, I know that soon I’ll be lying prone or sitting still.
  8. His voice.  This cannot be valued enough. One word from him in THAT tone of voice and I’m a wet, boneless body ready and willing to obey his very command.
  9. His Mind.  That wonderful, devious, perverted, intelligent mind that dreams up all sorts of lovely scenes for us.
  10. His heart. I saved the best for last. His heart is filled with love, respect, kindness, and compassion. He may be a strict taskmaster, but certainly is also a loving one.DD0Dp51V0AAlM8I

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