Thank You

I’d like to thank every single person who takes time out of their schedule to stop and read one of my stories. I REALLY, REALLY appreciate each and every comment and like!! Those alone keep me going, so keep ’em coming! I’m starting to run low on ideas, though, so please feel free to make a comment regarding what topics/scenarios/characters you’d like to read more about! Regular readers may have noticed a slow down in posts. I used to post, or try to post, a couple times a week. That’s going to slow down, I think, to a few times a month. To be honest, I’m getting tired and uninspired. You can help with your comments. With all that said, Thanks for reading!tumblr_p41v7bXhNl1v7x8s1o1_1280

6 thoughts on “Thank You

  1. Anarie….I love your posts. I like reading about the anal punishments…that gets me going. Your posts about going to the cabin and getting punished in nature is pretty hot as well. Honestly, everything you write is hot!😀

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  2. I love your posts, Anarie, and read them on my mail app. I just followed you from this account because my old one where your posts get sent to I somehow can’t access anymore after I hit a button that combined my Google and WordPress acounts.

    Keep writing and I look forward to more of your lovely and naughty stories!


  3. You are a great writer and I enjoy reading your posts! Please keep it up.

    I thoroughly enjoy reading your stories about your rules and consequences of breaking them. When you published your Summer 2018 Rules, you left us with a promise of a story because you slapping His hands away, but I haven’t seen the follow-up consequences.

    You also have published various stories about the intrigue in the office between the boss/subordinate as sub/Master are also very hot.


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