Intro to 24/7

I’m what you would call an outdoorsy girl. Not exactly a tom-boy, more of an Earth Mother. Luckily, Stephen is as well. We own some property, pure and unspoiled. There isn’t even electricity or running water. We have a few propane lanterns, but mostly rely on candles or oil lamps. I’m a terrible cook, but Stephen is fantastic with creating stews, soups and such using cast iron over an open flame and, naturally, grilling. We don’t live in the Cabin 24/7, but can usually go there at least once a month, sometimes more. We were both able to arranged time off work, so this weekend, we had four luscious days alone at the Cabin.

Stephen and I have also been talking about upping the ante on our interest in BDSM. Actually, I’m the one pushing for it. I WANT to be dominated. I WANT to give up my power to Stephen. I NEED him to take control of me, at least when we are here at the Cabin. It didn’t take much to convince Stephen to give this a go.

Stephen being Stephen,  did hours of on-line research and had long discussions with Jacob, his best friend and long time Dom. We’ve played around with BDSM, but only in the bedroom, and Stephen wanted to be well prepared for our Boot Camp weekend.

The first thing that happened was that as soon as we walked into the cabin, Stephen told me to strip out of my clothes and to follow him outside. My mouth dropped open, but I did as he asked. He placed me on our picnic table, belly down. After a bit, Stephen stood in front of me.

“Unzip my jeans, Clara, and worship my cock. Show your appreciation for being here and that you really are committed to this weekend.”

I raised up on my elbows and did exactly what he said. There’s not much I enjoy more than sucking Stephen’s cock. He’s wide, long, and hard as steel. It’s a bit awkward lyng as I am on the table, but I’m determined.

“That’s perfect. Now, I’m going to whip your pretty white ass with a switch I just cut. Do not take your mouth from my cock. This whipping is just to get you into the right mind set, but if you disobey, it will become a punishment. Do you want to bow out?”

I close my eyes, my mouth filled, and think for a minute. I was the one who pushed for this, so I really can’t bow out now. I shake my head no.

He places one hand on my head and smooths my hair. “That’s a good girl.”

I wiggle with pleasure. I adore when he says this and a tingle shoots through my body. Then, I feel the first stripe of the whip. I jump and squeal. He’s whipped me before, but never while his cock was in my mouth. The tingle turns into an electric shock wave and I feel myself transforming. My pussy softens and pulses with eagerness, My nipples, already tightened from brushing against the wooden table turn into bullets, and I gulp down his flesh with eagerness.

In my head I’m counting. One. Two. Three. Four.  I begin to squirm as the my bottom becomes scorched by the whipping. I and feel welts rising. Five. Six. Seven. Tears begin to form and I’m gasping, small sounds escaping. I suck him in deeper. His cock has never tasted so good! Eight. Nine. Ten. I’m kicking my feet, shocked by the pain. Shocked by just how excited I am! A cool breeze brushes over my oh so tender ass.

Stephen steps back and I whimper when his cock leaves my mouth. I look up at him and he smiles down at me.

“This is how we will start and end every day here. You did well, Clara. Now, skooch down so your feet are on the around, but keep bent over the table. I can’t wait any longer to bury myself in your pussy.”

Can a person come from just hearing words?? I damn near did!!! Moving into position, I felt ever welt on my ass scream and, if possible, get even wetter. Stephen didn’t waste time, but held onto my hips and thrust his full self into my wetness.

“Jesus, Clara. You are so hot and ready for me, aren’t you?”

“I am,” I answered.

A hard hand came down on my already punished ass. I yelped, realizing my mistake immediately.

“I am, Sir!” I corrected.

“That’s better.”

With only two strokes in, I was exploding, coming, coating his cock with my juices.

“Fuck Clara! That was perfect. Keep going. Keep going.”

I did. Coming until my legs could no longer support me. Only then did he share in my pleasure, planting his seed deep within me. He collapsed on tip of my, pressing my body into the hard slats of the table. He kissed my shoulders, wrapped his arms beneath me, and helped me to stand. My legs were still wobbly, so he kept a firm grip on me.

“By the time we leave here, I’m pretty sure you’re going to have trouble walking and sitting,” he whispered into my ear.

“By the time we leave here, I’m pretty sure that’s exactly what I’ll want. I’d also bet real money that you’ll have a very satisfied grin on your face.”

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