The Long Awaited Punishment

So, a long while back, I published Summer Rules 2018.  I also admitted to seriously breaking a rule by slapping away Milord’s hands when he was fondling my tits.  I was washing the dishes, singing to myself, and he startled me! It wasn’t my fault! Okay. That’s a blatant and one I’m likely to regret. Not, however, as much as I regret slapping his hand away!

First, Milord had me put on nipple shields behind my piercings. I was also not allowe20a3cf304cba8130c69c839dd25904dad to wear a bra. These shields were in place for A FULL MONTH!!! During that time, my nipples were HIGHLY visible no matter what I wore. Milord, of course, loved the attention, but I wanted to die of embarrassment whenever someone (and it was often!) looked down at my obviously pierced and erect nips. To further remind me that Milord had full and uninhibited rights to play with them, I was required to be completely topless whenever we were alone or upon his command.

Second, because I actually SLAPPED Milord’s hands, I had to endure being slapped myself. Not a simple slap of the hands, but rather both breasts were slapped no less than five times each morning and night. It was my responsibility to remind Milord to administer this punishment by kneeing in front of him and saying, “Please, Milord. Slap my tits.” Once he finished, I was required to thank him by sucking his cock until he either came or pulled away. Somehow, this part of my “punishment” was absolutely luscious!!

Before Milord left for work each morning, I also had to bend over the kitchen table, my shielded and reddened breasts pressed down on the cold surface. Milord would then use his hand (Glory be to all the gods!!) on my ass, slapping me until he was satisfied. If I accepted this with grace, he would reward me by fucking my pussy and allowing me to come! He would also, since he is indeed a generous and merciful Lord, come


inside of me and leave me with the deliciousness of his cum dripping down my legs all morning. If, however, I squirmed and begged for mercy, he’d take my ass, not allow me to come, and pull out, spraying his own pleasure across my reddened skin. I was, naturally, not allowed to wash off his dried cum until evening.

This punishment was not a short term thing. Slapping his hand away was, as I said, a serious offense, and one that shamed me terribly. My punishment lasted an entire month!

Now, Milord might still startle me, but I’ve learned enough self control not to slap his hands away! In truth, while the punishment was long and intense, I’m quite grateful for it. My greater self control is a matter of pride now, and for a whole month I was able to suck Milord’s cock TWICE a day!!! One thing Milord is very, very good at doing is combining punishment with reward.


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