T is for Training

I know to the Vanilla groups, training sounds archaic. But if you think about it, we train our bodies and minds in many ways – exercise, suduko, learning new skills. Really, that’s all Submissive Training really is – learning a new skill. In this blog post, a woman decides to go to  The Disciplinarian in order to be accountable for her actions. She is, in other words, training herself to be a better person. She isn’t doing this for the disciplinarian, but for herself. Again, this is fictional, but similar situation can occur in real life.

Soon, I plan on publishing a series of fictional blogs on anal training. I’ve done several on Anal Discipline, but that’s entirely different from training. Training should be a slow, steady process with a defined goal in mind. Training in itself, though, can be highly erotic!

Imagine, for example, training your submissive to perform fellatio every night before going to bed. Now, there will be some night in the beginning that she will resist and use reasons such as “I’m not in the mood,” “I’m too tired,” “I don’t want to.” If the reasons are just that – excuses – giver her a verbal reminder of your agreement, a few swats for being bratty, then unzip your trousers. After a few nights of this routine, she will soon associate going to bed with sucking your cock. The key is, though, consistency. If you let her get by without doing as you have both agreed in the beginning of the training (mutual agreement is PARAMOUNT!) then she’ll know you aren’t serious about the training and become disinterested, or worse, hurt that you don’t care enough to discipline her.

If every night doesn’t work for you, then perhaps a key word that once said, she must suck your cock. Again, in the beginning, use the word frequently and if it is met with unreasonable resistance, don’t give in. (Of course, don’t force her either!!!) Scold, spank, enforce. The result will be well worth the time and effort.DSDiDbMVoAED8OY

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