Yes, I agreed to every single Spring Rules 2018 milord established. Yes, I know very well that Milord is creative and devious. No, I had NO idea what Milord planned.

Several years ago, Milord had my nipples pierced. He loves how the piercings forces the nipples to stay perky and how said nipples look. He often allows me to wear padded bras so that I don’t have constant “pokies”, but sometimes, he prefers my nipples to be seen by all. Today was such a day. This morning, after adoring and worshiping Milord’s cock with my mouth, he made love to me, which was a very welcome surprise. Usually24027263, he comes in my mouth and I must wait until evening to enjoy his penetration. This morning, though, he was kind and attentive and sweet and wonderful. He allowed me to come often before he graced me with his own release, filling my womb with his delightful seed. When I knelt to clean him, tasting the heady mixture of our combined sweetness, he stopped me. “I wnat you proud today. Proud of me. Proud of your own body.” I nodded, but didn’t really understand until he attached the additions to my nipple bars. “No bra today or tomorrow, my love,” he said with a grin. “Now, go put on a gypsy skirt, lacy thongs, and a white t-shirt.” I looked in equal parts horror and admiration at my nipples, but did as he directed. Tonight, he took me out to dinner at a local Mexican restaurant. The waiter couldn’t keep his eyes from my easily visible, erect nipples. Milord looked at him, grinned, and asked what he thought of his wife’s breasts. The blushing waiter admitted to being “entranced” and that Milord was a lucky man. Grinning, Milord agreed, took me home, and made love to me again, this time using my anus. Today I’ve had Milord’s sweetness fill my pussy, linger on my tongue, and fill my anus. I ADORE days like this!! to be used by, loved by, and displayed by Milord is the pinnacle of my existence.

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