Beautifully tricked

My Spring Rules 2018 began recently, and one of them is that I will shave my legs, pits, and kitty every day. This is a major hassel so I asked Milord if I could make an appointment for a waxing. He grinned, which I didn’t understand at the time, and agreed. What I hadn’t considered, was what he figured out right away. In order to be waxed, one must have a certain growth of hair for the wax to attach to. This meant I must go several days without shaving, which meant I wouldd be in violation of a rule! I pointed out to Milord that since he gave permission for the waxing I shouldn’t have to be held to this rule. He laughed and pointed out that I did not ask for dispensation. Damn. He’s right. To my surprise and pleasure, he took he in his arms, kissed me, then carried to bed. He made love to me – exquisitely, slowly, allowing me to come any number of times, and finally, emptying himself inside of me. I should have known he had something planned. This moring he had very special panties set out for me. Leather sides which would be buckled into place, leather crotch, and a chain slid over the crotch which could be locked in place effectively turning the panties into a chastity device. Milord hummed happily as he pocketed the key. Until I was hair free and/or adhered to our agreed upon rules, I would be denied orgasm. “But you small chastityagreed to let me be waxed!” I whined. That was when he pulled me across his lap and began the spanking. I did not excuse you from our agreed upon rules. You will acccept this punishment for not thinking through your request. Once you have been waxed and, after a few weeks, when the hair has begun to grow back, you may resume shaving daily and the chastity belt will come off. In the meantime, I will unlock you only to shower, which I will supervise to make sure you don’t get yourself off. I have three more of these panties so you’ll always have a clean pair. By now, I was kicking and crying from his merciless hand making contact with my hot flesh! You will accept this spanking as a punishment for complaining and whining. Cry all you want, you know I’ll stop when I’m good and ready or when you say your safeword.

I thought about his words. Again, he was right. I had whined. I hadn’t thought my request through, and I had agreed to the rule of shaving daily. As my mind accepted, so did my body. Despite the heat of my flesh and the continued smacking of my ass, I relaxed, my body softening. That’s it. Now, just because I am denying you orgasm, does not mean I will be denied. I will use your mouth, hands, tits, and ass for my pleasure. I will come on you or down your throat as I choose. You will not deny me this, will you?  He had stopped my spanking and was waiting for my answer. In a surprisingly strong voice, I said, “Of course not, Milord. I will deny you nothing.” He gently rubbed my sore bottom. That’s the woman I love. Just think how amazing your next, long awaited orgasm will be. Milord may have tricked me a bit, but oh he had done so beautifully.

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