Budget or Bust!

Milord had aAbsinthe Fairy Silk Underbust Corset - Ladies Clothing - Steampunk Sweetheartn idea, one that I was heartily in favor of! He would give me $200.00 and I could go on a shopping spree. He would pick out the store, but I could buy anything I liked. Naturally, there was a catch. He would not go into the store with me. For every dollar I went over or under the $200 I would recieve one blow with an implement of his choice. If I purchased anything he didn’t approve of, I would have to return the item and its price would be deducted from my total. I also had only one hour to complete my challenge. I grinned and bounced up and down on my feet, eager to play this game. Not at all surprising, Milord pulled into the parking lot of Rogha, an upscale adult store. I squeed. I kissed him then rushed into the store. I did a quick turn about the store then, with Mcc74fe128be4c238cc84f5d4350b9026ilord’s preferences in mind, began to fill my cart. I should have stopped with the jewelery/thong set, thong with matching stockings, and labia clamps, but I just couldn’t resist that incredible absinthe green fairy corset!!! My goodness – it’s beautiful!! I rushed up to the cashier with ten minutes to spare and then saw the total. Crap! $250.00. “Can I put the labia cla79bbe0115aac19caf377c16faa915084 (1)mps back?” I asked. “I’m sorry, ma’am,” said the ever so unhelpful cashier, “but I have been specifically instructed not to allow you to adjust your purchases once they have been rung up.” Double Crap!  He slowly bagged up my purchases and I made it back to the car with 3 minutes to spare. Blushing, I handed the receipt to Milord. He whistled then drove home, humming happily to himself. I fussed and fumed, tetumblr_otbr0jpqyn1rcvz02o1_400rrified he’d choose the cane. I was in for 50 swats with something!! Fifty! As in 5-0!! When we got home he had me show him the purchases. Luckily, he approved of the all (which I knew he would). He especially liked the labia clamps – something we haven’t tried before and the non piercing nipple jewelry.  “I think we’ll try these out now,” he said while fingering the clamps. I undressed for him. He then had me lie back on the bed and licked my pussy until I came three times!! Then, he attached the clamps. Let me assure you, I immediately rethought my purchase – those babies pinch!! I can’t deny, though, the extra spurt of desire they also brought forth. “Now, It’s time for your licks,” he said. “Do not move.” I nodded. Then, to my shock, he bent his head down and literally began to lick my nipples! I arched my back and cried out as the electric shock ran through my body. Twenty-five licks on one nipple. Twenty-five on the other. By the time he finished, I’d had at least five more orgasms and he wasn’t even undressed yet!! “Now, are ready for me to make love to you?” he asked. Grinning, I began to rip off his clothes. Can’t wait for Milord’s next challenge!

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