TaTa Tuesday

Yes, it will pinch, something fierce, I’m afraid. But you covered yourself from my eyes, didn’t you. You wore a bland, beige bra when I specifically told you to come to me wearing only your sweater and skirt and stockings and heels. You defied me. Intentionally. That’s right, my tumblr_olowe904rg1vdwq0co1_1280darling. Beg all you want. Until I decided or hear that onen special word, though, this clover stays put. Yes, I know. Next time you’ll remember. Next time you’ll obey. But this time, you’ll squirm and cry a little and beg. Have I mentioned just how beautiful your tears are? How hot you make me when you beg? Especially when you beg not for release, but for forgiveness, which you know I will always give. You just need a little reminder that you have pledged yourself to me, to obey me. And I have pledged myself to you, to take care of you, to love you, to respect you, to hold you accountable. Now, on your knees, my darling. That’s it. Take me in your mouth. Worship my cock like only you have ever been able to do. If you swallow it all, those nasty, harsh clovers can come off. I know you love this. Now show me.


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