Acting Out

I did this. I asked for it. Both with my words and my actions, I asked, no begged, for this. When King invited me along with him to his conference I eagerly accepted. He told me that a condition would be that I obey his every command, which I certainly agreed to. We would be staying in an upscale hotel and I know my “hotel rules” well. I was the one, actually, who caDWWoS-OWAAAGmHpme up with them. I will remove my clothing immediately upon entering the room. I will be 100% submissive while in the room. I will be gagged in order to make as little noise as possible while in any sexual situation but fellatio. While in public, I will be respectful and refer to King as “Mr. Jones” or “Sir.” I will drink only water unless King provides something else. This is where I messed up. Okay, one of the places I messed up. Last night when we arrived our room wasn’t quite ready. We went to the bar and I ordered a glass of white wine. When King raised his eyebrows at me I said, “What? It’s not like we’re offically in the hotel yet, Reggie!” The moment we were in the hotel, though, it was time for retribution. First, he gagged me. Then, tied my wrists to the headboard. Next, to my surprise, he spread my legs wide and secured them. I pulled together, but the bonds held strong. Next, he added tweezer clamps to my nipples. And tightened them. He scolded me then tightened them again. I squirmed and bit down on the gag. That was when I felt the first lashing. I squealed, grateful now for the gag. King likes the lash because it is quiet and the short tongues allows him to swing it in a confined space. Over and over again he applied the lash, whipping my pussy until the pain and pleasure merged into one explosive orgasm. It was then that he released my nipples, the blood slamming back into the tortured flesh.  My face was drenched with tears, as were the sheets beneath my bottom. Ten more times he lashed me. Then, he undressed and fucked me, his hard cock bruising into my already swollen cunt. “You will obey me,” he ordered as he buried himself within me. “You will obey the rules you yourself established. Your behavior disappointed me. Greatly. I will not tolerate it.” His powerful words pushed me over the edge again and I shattered into his dominance. He pulled out, sprayed his own pleasure across my body. When we were both breathing normally again, he untied and ungagged me. He sat on the edge of the bed and motioned for me to kneel between his legs. I scurried to obey. I looked up at him and said, “Thank you, King, for enforcing my own rules.” He lifted my chin with one finger and raised his eyebrows. Taking a deep breath, I continued. “I apologize for my behavior and look forward to any further correction you deem necessary.” He smiled and said, “Good. For the rest of the week you will be gagged and your pussy will be whipped every morning before I fuck it. Every night before you sleep I’ll blister your ass before fucking it. You’ll worship my cock, show your gratetude after each fucking.” I bit my lip. While it was true I loved to suck his cock, I hated to do so after he hatumblr_ov5pfgPQ6d1vggkyqo1_500d fucked me. But he was right to do this, so I accepted. “You’ll wear absolutely no underclothing at any time so that you will remember.” CRAP!!!  This is one of his favorite disciplinary measures and one of my least favorite. “Open your mouth and clean me.” I did, gagging slightly on my own flavor. He grasped my hair close to the scalp and guided my head, forcing me to take him down to his base. “That’s perfect, my little subject. Perfect. Oh. And one more thing,” he murmured, his voice deep and soft. “Whenever you leave this room, you’ll have my cum either dripping from you or drying on your skin.” I moaned, regretting my rash behavior only a little. I looked up at him, my mouth filled with his cock. He smiled down at me, both of us pleased with his decisions.

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