Superbowl Submissive

Last year for the Superbowl I was in deep doo doo. You can read all about it here. Superbowl Service

This year, I was determined to make sure I followed all of my rules, especially after the last week or so! Learning to Obey

I am proud to say, I succeeded. Last night, Matthew and I sat down to discuss our annual party. He had invited several couples – all of home are into the BDSM lifestyle. Apparently all the Doms have set up similar rules for all us subbies! Yeah!! I won’t be the only one on display!

Here’s the rules he’s come up with and I’ve agreed to.

  1.  Whenever there is a “down” during the game, I will also be down. On my knees, head down, ass up – doggie position. Matthew ( or his designated stand in) may then play with me, spank me, or fuck me.

2.  Coin Toss.  If it’s heads – I give him head. If it’s tails – well, you get the idea.

3.  Kick Off.  Basically, this is when the ball goes flying through the air. Matthew’s balls will also be flying – or at least swaying. He (or his designated stand in) will fuck on opening of his choice.

4.  Field Goal. This is three points. Three. Which means I must attend to three people of Matthew’s choosing.

5.  Touchdown.  Six Points. (I became quite nervous here!!!) Matthew will deliver six swats to my behind with an implement of his choice. (THAT turned out better than I expected!!)

6.  Try for the extra point and succeed.  I GET TO ORGASM!!!!

7.  Fouls.  Matthew will insert our largest plug into my ass. I will be required to sit flat on the floor with that awful thing inside of me until I suck him(or someone else) off.

This is going to be the greatest game ever!!!

male torso

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